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      Legal Stuff

      “&insurance” is the brand name for products and services provided by a group of commonly-owned companies that provide, distribute and service insurance. As used on this site, the name “&insurance” also refers collectively to the following legal entities in the group:

      And Insurance, Inc., a corporation organized under Delaware law, is the parent company in the group and it provides certain personnel, facilities, and services to each subsidiary company in the group. It owns 100% of four subsidiary companies in support of its U.S. operations:


      And Insurance Agency, LLC, a limited liability company organized under Pennsylvania law. This company is licensed as an insurance agent in Pennsylvania and in all other states where &insurance is available. It acts as the distribution and marketing agent for &insurance Company and provides certain underwriting and claims services and receives a fixed percentage of premiums for doing so. It also acts as agent for other insurance companies in distributing their insurance, for which it receives various percentages of premiums. Further information is available upon request from


      And Insurance, Inc. and And Insurance Agency, LLC each provide personnel, facilities and services to And Insurance Company. This includes the services of third parties with whom And Insurance, Inc. or And Insurance Agency has contracted. And Insurance, Inc., And Insurance Agency and And Insurance Company hold agreements among them in which AndInsurance Company pays And Insurance, Inc. for certain personnel, facilities and services at actual cost and pays And Insurance Agency, LLC a fixed percentage of And Insurance Company’s premium revenue.


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