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      Insurance That'll Make
      You Rethink Everything

      Invite only. Instant everything. Loved by many.

      A (Resident) first
      Insurance Company

      &insurance has earned heart emoji’s from many apartment communities across America – we’re loved by the residents, pet parents, property owners, property managers, and more.

      We’ve designed &insurance to bring out the best in people,
      while giving residential living a push for the better.

      Amazing Prices. Monthly Subscription.
      Bundle Discounts.


      We are offering the best quality with


      We are offering the best quality with


      We are offering the best quality with


      We are offering the best quality with


      Coverage you need to protect
      your stuff
      FROM $5/MO


      Protecting your pawfect family members
      FROM $25/MO


      Protect your travel plans
      and luggage
      AS LOW AS $30/MO


      Protection for your business
      “what ifs”
      FROM $10/MO


      &insurance is an invite-only insurance company that is
      powered by our kindhearted artificial intelligence bot, Andi.

      See if Andi has your email

      The Paramount Coverage

      &insurance covers your stuff, property, pets, business, and the way you travel around the world

      100% digital. No agents. Done in 2 mins.

      Our lightning-fast application process eliminates the need for insurance
      agents by asking a few simple questions to determine eligibility.
      That means paperwork is officially a thing of the past.

      How &insurance Works

      With &insurance, everything becomes simple and transparent.
      We take a flat fee, pay claims quickly, and receive compensation based
      on the insurance premiums for the policies, we sell. This enables our
      partners to focus on the communities they care about while retaining residents.

      * Subject to board discretion and the company meeting certain financial standards. This section does not apply to Travel insurance.

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      Join others who are already using &insurance services
      to push residential living forward. We can’t wait see you as a part of our movement.
      As our &insurance community grows, your impact can become stronger.
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